Let’s Take a Look at Small Energy Retailers?

There are a lot of small energy retailers out there offering some of the cheapest energy deals on the market, but a lot of consumers are reluctant to switch over. Many people are worried about signing up with a company they’ve never heard of. This worry is understandable, yes, but is it necessary? Not at all.

Outstanding Customer Care

Small retailers have some of the best customer service ratings around. They are often working with a much smaller customer database than larger companies like Origin, Agl, and Energy Australia, meaning they work hard to keep the customers they have happy. You’ll be dealing with personalised services, dedicated experts, and companies who are truly focused on meeting all of your energy needs and requirements.

They’re Cheap

The gas and electricity rates that come out of smaller retailers are some of the cheapest on the market. Small retailers have smaller overhead costs than more established companies, and as a result can offer a cheaper price on their services.

Are They The Best Option?

When you’re comparing energy retailers, it’s important to not just consider the price. Different people have different priorities and require different things from their energy providers. For example, your ideal supplier might not be the least expensive if your top priority is outstanding customer service.

Small suppliers might be the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest rate in the market, but they may fall short if you’re interested in incentives like vouchers, gifts, or point system.

To make sure you get the right deal for you it’s important to weigh out the options that are out there and compare smaller retailers to larger ones.

How Do I Compare My Options?

At Seek The Deal, we work with a wide range of energy suppliers – both big and small. With a short, simple, and free process, we can put together a list of suppliers in your area so you can compare your options and choose the right one for you. Our energy experts will help you switch providers if necessary and offer any advice and guidance you require.

Fill in our short online form today and we’ll handle the rest.

How to Cut Down On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Winter is well and truly on its way, and while that might be great in some aspects (Hello, snuggly movie nights, hot tea, and hearty comfort foods!), it also usually means an increase in energy prices.

You home will be working overtime to keep you warm and comfortable, and things like heaters, long showers, and electric blankets can really rack up your bills.

We want you to be able to stay warm and save money this winter, which is why we’ve put together a few handy tips for how to retain heat within your home.

Rug Up

Stock up on soft sweaters, bulky blankets, and hot water bottles to stay cozy this winter. Upgrade your bedding to heavier duty duvets and quilts, and purchase that pajama-slipper combo you’ve been considering. If you can avoid blasting the heat when you’re home, and can even manage to turn it off overnight, it’ll do wonders for your power bill, we promise.

Block That Breeze

Using a door snake to prevent any breezes or draughts from sneaking in under your doors will help you keep heat trapped in and cold trapped out. Making sure your windows are sealed is another surefire way to keep your house warmer during the winter months.

Open Your Curtains

The cheapest form of heat we have is natural and easy to capture on warm sunny days. Capture that sunlight by letting it flood into your home wherever it can. Leaving your curtains open on bright days will help heat your home, and closing them at the end of the day will help keep that natural heat trapped in with you.

Get A Timer

Putting a timer on your thermostat can really work to your advantage when trying to save money on energy this winter. You can set this timer to turn down when you’re out of the house, overnight, or away on a holiday. This way you don’t have to remember to do it yourself. The added bonus of these timers is that you don’t have to return to a cold house when you’ve been out – simply set the timer to turn the heat on half an hour before you’re due to arrive home.

Consider Switching Energy Suppliers

If you haven’t switched things up with your energy supplier in the last year, or even if you have, it might be worth looking to see what kinds of discounts are out there. Using a free comparison company like Seek The Deal to help you find, choose, and switchover to a cheaper energy supplier this winter could be the best financial decision you make. We work with the top energy suppliers in Australia to find you the best electricity and gas rates on the market. It’s fast, free, and hassle-free, so don’t hesitate to fill out our short form today to see what kind of options are available to you!

Moving House? We’ve got some energy tips for you.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, moving into a new house can be as stressful as it is exciting. From packing that first box to placing that final plate in your new kitchen cabinets, there are so many things you need to do and consider before feeling truly settled in your new home.

One of the most important parts of moving into a new home is setting up your electricity and gas service. Stepping into a cold, dark house isn’t something most people want on their big moving day.

Should I Consider Looking at a New Retailer?

To switch or not to switch, that is the question. Do you stay with your existing retailer or shake things up with a new energy supplier? We suggest at least looking into the latter. Not only will this give you the opportunity to choose a company with the lowest rates out there, but it’ll allow you to pick and choose a company that meets your customer service and payment plan needs as well. The best retailer for you may not always be the cheapest, but the one that suits your individual needs and requirements.

Dealing with poor customer service and overpriced plans is the last thing you want to be worried about when settling into your new home. So if you know you’re moving, why not look into other options. You want a team that has your back and has everything set up and running by the time you arrive with the boxes.

How Do I Find the Best Retailer for My New Home?

There’s a lot of options out there, and it’s hard to find the time to sift through them all under normal circumstances, let alone in the middle of a big move. That’s where Seek The Deal comes in. We’re a free comparison service who will find the best deals available in your new neighbourhood.

We’ll ask you to fill in a short form with your new postcode, energy usage, and a few personal details, then our utilities experts will take care of the rest. Moving in with the best retailer available is simple with the help of our enthusiastic team and no-hassle services.

Get in touch today, and we’ll make sure you have a smooth and stress-free moving day.