7 Not-So-Obvious Ways You Can Save Money On Your Energy Bills (And One Obvious Way)

Energy in Australia isn’t always cheap, and chances are most of us are doing our very best to cut down on costs however we can. We know the basics of wearing warmer clothes rather than cranking the heat, or closing the curtains to keep the sun out – but there are several other ways that we can save money. Ways that may not seem so obvious but are just as easy to put into action.

1 ) Unplug your microwave and other devices when they’re not in use

This may not seem like the most obvious option, because we often think of our appliances as being ‘energy-draining’ when they are actually in use. But this isn’t the case. Keeping your microwave (and other similar appliances) on at all times is using electricity that’s unnecessary and costly. Getting into the habit of only plugging in these appliances when you need them will really make a difference when it comes to saving money on your energy bills.

2) Cook with your pot lids on

Keeping the lid on your pots while you boil water or simmer a curry could make a greater impact than you think. Not only does keeping the lid on your pots cook your meals faster, but it requires less energy (from either a gas or electric stove top) to cook. Considering how many times you are likely to use your stove each week, the amount of energy you’ll be saving will really add up.

3) Swap the stove top kettle for an electric one

Although it might seem like boiling water the old fashioned way may save you energy and money, electric kettles are actually the way to go. They’re faster and more energy efficient than using the stove top method. Consider boiling water for your pasta or potatoes in a kettle before you add it to the pot to cook. Your meal will be ready faster and you’ll save energy in the process.

4) Defrost your food in the fridge

A lot of us defrost our frozen food in the microwave because it’s quick and easy, but taking the time to plan ahead and defrost food in the fridge actually works out better in a number of ways. Putting your food to defrost the day before you plan to eat it will not only help you save energy (by not using the microwave), but food that is defrosted slowly often turns out to be more enjoyable when it comes time to eat it. Pastries in particular maintain a much higher quality when defrosted slowly.

5) Keep your home temperature consistent

Try and make sure you’re not heating or cooling your home to extremes. Every degree over 20 results in a 10% increase in your energy bills on average. If you can’t stand the cold and want to stay warm, we recommend heating one area of the house rather than the entire home. Alternatively, blankets and sweaters are always the best way to go.

6) Do laundry in cold water

Adjust your laundry settings to use cold water when it comes to washing every day loads of laundry. The less hot water you consume, the more drastically your energy bills will improve. Continue to add your normal detergents and softeners, but simple switchover to cold water – we bet you won’t even notice a difference!

7) Clean the filters of your air conditioner

Cleaning the filters in your air conditioner is all about staying energy efficient. The cleaner the filters are, the more efficient your air conditioner (or other similar devices) will be. When your home runs efficiently, you can be sure your energy bills will showcase the benefits.

The most obvious solution?

Compare the energy suppliers in your area to make sure you’re on the cheapest plan available to you. At Seek The Deal we run comparisons for Australians looking to pay less for energy. Get in touch with us today, either online, or by calling 03 9088 1750.