About Us

Our goal is to help people save money quickly, easily and without hassle.

Seek The Deal provides an opportunity to compare prices and save money on everyday household bills.

Seek The Deal provides you with information and impartial advice, all free of charge. We allow you to switch over to a new supplier in order to obtain the best deal for your individual needs and circumstances.

We get it. Wading through a sea of overpriced suppliers, pushy sales advances, and too many scattered choices is overwhelming. At Seek The Deal, we simplify the process, eliminate the stress, and present you with a personalised and compact list of the cheapest suppliers available to you.

The Seek The Deal team is made up of committed and enthusiastic customer care experts who have an in-depth knowledge of utilities. They are supported by a dedicated and experienced management team, and together we work hard to help every day Australians save as much money as possible.

Who Do We Work With?

To ensure our customers find the right energy supplier at the right price, we work with a range of trusted energy and gas providers. These connections allow us to present you with as much choice as possible when it comes to cheaper energy options.

How Do We Make Money?

We don’t charge people for using our services, and we don’t add fees or commissions to the energy prices you compare. Instead, we make our money by charging our partners a small fee once a sale has been made. This fee has no impact on the price you pay, which means we’re able to provide you with the cheapest rates possible.