Everything You Need To Know About Distributors

A lot of the time, when Australians think of the electricity market, they are only thinking of the people who send them the bills. Energy retailers, whilst important to the process of getting energy from where it is generated through to your home, don’t stand alone. They are a part of an energy chain, and understanding how this chain works and interacts will enable you to ask the right questions and gain the knowledge necessary to make you a more informed buyer – ultimately saving you more when it comes to your household energy. An essential part of the energy chain in Australia are the distributors. They play a primary role in getting energy to your home so it’s important to understand just how they fit in.

What is a Distributor?

The distributors are responsible for actually delivering the electricity and gas from the production (or generation) location to your home. While retailers act as a point of contact between customers and distributors, it’s important to remember that retailers are not actually responsible for the delivery of the electricity itself.

What Are Distributors Responsible For?

Distributors take care of the maintenance of power lines and poles, they read meters and maintain pipes. When a storm or emergency occurs, it’s the distributors to make their way out to the site in order to fix things up and have gas and electricity ready for household consumption again.

Distributors are responsible for handling emergency situations and providing any repairs or maintenance to your electricity and gas distributing system. This is the team you call when you experience issues with the energy itself, whereas retailers will handle any issues with payments, plans, or prices.

Distributors in Your State

Knowing who your state’s distributors are will help you understand who to call in an emergency, so it’s important to be aware of who’s in charge of your energy distribution.

What Effect Do Distributors Have Of The Price You Pay For Energy?

As displayed in the tables above, you can see that there are significantly fewer distributors per state than retailers. This is because the energy that is being delivered to your home is all the same. It was all generated in the same place and will be distributed to your home by the same system, regardless of where you live.

This means that you’re paying for the same energy, no matter which retailer you go through. There is no such thing as one retailer having better quality than the next, because they are all selling the same product. This should help you make your decision in which retailer and energy plan to sign on to. Some companies may charge more for other plan features, but paying more never equates to having better energy.

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