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Frequently asked questions

How do I switch electricity providers?
Enter your postcode on our website then fill in the short form with your energy usage and contact details. After that, our energy experts will give you a call, provide you with a list of the lowest rates available to you, and help you switch to your chosen supplier.
Do I need to contact my existing provider before I switch?
No, leave it to us. We will keep your current provider up to date when you switch over.
Who do I call during a power outage?
No matter who sends you the electricity bill, it’s important to call your distributor when dealing with outages and emergency services. The quality and reliability of your electricity services should not change when you switch suppliers because it will still be monitored by the same distributor.
How much money will I save when I use Seek The Deal to change energy retailers?
Most of our customers save up to 20% when they compare with us. This depends on the retailer you choose based on the information our energy experts provide you with.
What if I don’t like my new retailer?
No worries! Most electricity retailers now offer “No Exit Fee” plans, so you can have peace of mind knowing you can switch to a better plan without being charged. We also have a 10 Day Cooling-Off Period to give you time to change your mind after making the switch to a cheaper supplier.
I’ve heard of complaints about energy retailers offering low initial rates but then raising them after a few months or at the end of the contract. Is this something I need to worry about?
This has been a major concern for a lot of customers because railers do have rights to change their prices. Though there’s no need to worry – we keep Seek The Deal members posted via email or phone every six months so you can stay on top of the best deals. This way, you don’t have to shop around every few months to make sure you’re still receiving the best rate available.