How to Maintain and Take Care of Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an investment that needs regular maintenance. As the solar panels are intended to absorb energy from the sun, it is important to keep the panels clean to maintain its efficiency. As long as you prevent environmental elements from settling on the panels and provide regular maintenance, you can keep the solar panels long lasting.

Regular Cleaning:

As solar panels don’t have the moving parts, the major component of maintenance is to keep them clean. It is advisable to check the panels regularly, especially during dry seasons. When dust and dirt gets accumulated, the panels will lose their efficiency and will have reduced performance level. The main sources of the dirt include dust and bird droppings which should be inspected and washed regularly to upkeep the efficiency.

Inspect Wiring And Fitting:

As you inspect the panels, it is recommended to look for any loose wiring connections and other debris fallen on the panels. You should not just focus only on the actual panels but should also look for cracks and gaps in the frame that would allow water entering into the system. It is also worthwhile to check for any water damages and the signs of corrosion.

Nature and Wildlife:

The growth of the trees could shade your panels from the sun and retard its energy absorption. Likewise, squirrels and other rodents may chew through the wires whereas birds use the panels to build their nests. With regular inspection, you can find out these problems well in advance before it grows into the major one.

Weather Condition:

Snowfall is not such a big problem for solar panels. They are installed in such a way that majority of the snow will melt and slide off. Even if the panels are not exposed directly to the sun, the remaining snow gets melted from the glass. However, if the snowfall is very heavy or if there is prolonged snowfall, you should make a quick check on the panels and clear them off quickly.

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