Is it worth looking at Small energy retailers?

Small energy retailers are currently offering some of the cheapest energy deals on the market, but many consumers remain reluctant to switch to companies they’ve never heard of. The question is: should they be?

The Answer is NO.

Small retailers offer many of the cheapest electricity and gas rates on the market right now. They also have some of the best customer service ratings.

Small retailers generally have less customer’s database compared to the big three Origin, Agl and Energy Australia. Small retailers can offer cheap energy deals because have they have a smaller overhead than more established ones.

When comparing energy retailers, you should not just consider price. Different people have different priorities, and your ideal supplier may not necessarily be the least expensive if you are looking for a better customer service.

Small suppliers may have cheaper deals than their larger competitors but may not offer incentives like vouchers, gifts or points.

Here at Seek The Deal, we recommend you the best plan based on your needs, consumption and meter type. We also, let you read our users reviews about their experiences with their retailer which will help you make your mind. After all people trust people.

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