Let’s Take a Look at Small Energy Retailers?

There are a lot of small energy retailers out there offering some of the cheapest energy deals on the market, but a lot of consumers are reluctant to switch over. Many people are worried about signing up with a company they’ve never heard of. This worry is understandable, yes, but is it necessary? Not at all.

Outstanding Customer Care

Small retailers have some of the best customer service ratings around. They are often working with a much smaller customer database than larger companies like Origin, Agl, and Energy Australia, meaning they work hard to keep the customers they have happy. You’ll be dealing with personalised services, dedicated experts, and companies who are truly focused on meeting all of your energy needs and requirements.

They’re Cheap

The gas and electricity rates that come out of smaller retailers are some of the cheapest on the market. Small retailers have smaller overhead costs than more established companies, and as a result can offer a cheaper price on their services.

Are They The Best Option?

When you’re comparing energy retailers, it’s important to not just consider the price. Different people have different priorities and require different things from their energy providers. For example, your ideal supplier might not be the least expensive if your top priority is outstanding customer service.

Small suppliers might be the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest rate in the market, but they may fall short if you’re interested in incentives like vouchers, gifts, or point system.

To make sure you get the right deal for you it’s important to weigh out the options that are out there and compare smaller retailers to larger ones.

How Do I Compare My Options?

At Seek The Deal, we work with a wide range of Australian energy suppliers – both big and small. With a short, simple, and free process, we can put together a list of suppliers in your area so you can compare your options and choose the right one for you. Our energy experts will help you switch providers if necessary and offer any advice and guidance you require.

Fill in our short online form today and we’ll handle the rest.

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