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Original review : 2017-09-30

I am finding that the company seems to go around my questions so I would like to have a compare

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Original review : 2017-10-01

We use Jacana in NT, but it was not listed in your site. Stars awarded fro Jacana

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Jim Dwyer

Original review : 2019-06-11

When energy retailing was privatised in N.S.W. I signed up with Origin. It was ok until the 1st. contract expired when they wanted to drastically reduce my usage discount. I switched to DoDo, but was later contacted by Origin offering a much improved deal. To my regret I reneged on DoDo and resigned with Origin. Fast forward 12 months and the exact same thing happened. I told Origin that this time if I left them I would not be back. Unbelievably their \\\"Client Retention Dept.\\\" contacted me a few weeks later with a lot better offer. I had felt bad about what I had done to DoDo 12 months earlier, so I told Origin what I thought of their business ethics & went with DoDo. Still there and have never considered moving. Am happy with my 30% off usage and have never had a problem. Devil you know is better than one you don\\\'t.

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