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Original review : 2017-01-09

Have Been calling Energy Australia for days for applying discount to my account which is given to every one. But never given convincing answer. Looking to switch now.

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Noreen Bilsborough

Original review : 2019-05-29

Trie changing companies but apparently they couldnt read the meter so have to stay with energy australlia at the moment I know there are cheaper out there

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Original review : 2017-04-07

Easy and cheap

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Original review : 2017-09-30

Hate it when you get those computer generated voice options on the phone. It relly dosent get you there any quicker. When I did talk to a customer service operator it was nice to talk to someone that understood me and i didnt nave to keep repeating myself because of the language barrier. (Maybe i got the right operator by sheer luck). Nobody is really happy about there charges and rate The complaint that i had was handled luckily by the operator that was able to understand me and i him so it was remedied very quickly and amicably.

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Original review : 2017-10-01

very hard to get useful and true information totally stuffed up 3 consecutive bills after adding solar to account ,obviously as do the other retailers always hire young inexperienced customer service agents who have no understanding and personalities what so ever

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Original review : 2017-10-02

good customer service.and lot of discount on gas bill and elericity bill

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Original review : 2018-10-10

Have had the worst experince so far. Looking to change my provider. Confused whcih one to choose grrrrr.

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Jenny Owen

Original review : 2019-06-12

we are pensioners.The pricr of our last bill has doubled from the one before. Rang and complained that it was impossible as we had cut back. Asked for a re read of the merter, They said they would and get back to me. That didn\\\'t happen. Not a word until we got the last bill which is still way over our usual, We will be leaveing them and looking for a better and cheaper one.

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Roslyn Smith

Original review : 2019-06-23

I asked this company to match another offer I had from another company and they offered me a 34% discount if I pay on time. They explained that the alternative offer was not really that competitive given the Kilowatt charges and contacted the other company for me to decline their offer.

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Original review : 2019-06-26

I think that they are ripping me off and my next complaint is with the relevant ombudsmans office...Every month i am paying more and some times triple of what it was the previous month.

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Original review : 2019-07-07

I have been with energy Australia for a long time and I also have them for gas,at the moment I am very happy with them,and found them to be very helpful when I ring I also get a good discount from them.

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Ross Smith

Original review : 2019-07-14

Poor wait time. Do not follow up with promised phone calls or emails Use the power 1 night per week for about 4 hours. Charge a daily rate of $1.40 per KWH. Promised a reduction in January Nothing has happened even after a follow up. Hard to email the right people to get some action

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