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Original review : 2017-03-02

Happy with the retailer so far ?

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Original review : 2017-06-02

Very happy with this retailer

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Original review : 2018-10-05

They are a small but a good company to be with.

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John Ockenden

Original review : 2019-06-12

I had a bill for a sum which they were going to give me 42% off. Good you say. But I forgot it one week and I had to pay the full amount. My fault you say. I agree. I rang them up and paid the full amount, and while I was at it I gave them my credit card number to ensure it didn\\\'t happen again. They assured me it wouldn\\\'t. I had cause to ring them up about my pension card that they had not got for some reason although they had been giving me the rebate for about 12 months at that time. I gave them the information and asked again about my credit card and the girl said it was all set up for payment. So I let it go and forgot all about it. My next surprise was when I got an email saying I was late and the bill for the full amount. I paid it and sent them a letter saying I would move my account from them to someone when I get back from my holiday, which will be in August. Then I got an email bill for the next month for $41. What the hell is happening. Regards. J. Ockenden

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