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Original review : 2019-05-23

we a good low price for out electricity . our monthly bill is always around $100.

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Original review : 2017-10-01

spoke to red energy about joining their company but was offerer bettered deal with alinta ,when alinta told red energy they were taking my account red energy snatched it anyway, red energy keep trying to get me to give them my details because they need them to take over my account, I do not want red energy handling my electricity and have stated that so pretty much disgusted

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Julia Toivonen

Original review : 2019-06-08

We have been with Red Energy for almost 6 years and the relationship is effortless. We signed up with them when we lived in Victoria and although we now reside in NSW, they made the transition of our account interstate so easy. We have never had errors on our bills and they are Australian owned and operated so that was a big tick for us.

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Tracey Brunswick

Original review : 2019-06-11

Very approachableand explained everything

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Rodney Owen Smith

Original review : 2019-06-25


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Margot Derwent

Original review : 2019-07-13

I am happy with Red, AUSTRALIAN OWNED. However, I am curious to know if there is a similar overall company able to provide cheaper rates. Thank you ...

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Leslie Smith

Original review : 2019-07-18

(1) Generally speaking the supply of electricity is reliable. A loss of supply happens about twice per year, and in my view (given that the loss is only an hour or so) the cost of supplying a more reliable system (at least for my home) IS NOT WARRANTED. I would tolerate a 1 hour loss three times yearly and still say, \\\"well done\\\". (2) Monitoring. The requirement to upgrade my power meter TWICE was poorly planned. One upgrade to a digital meter would be is sufficient. (3) On testing my (original/analog) power meter was declared to be too inaccurate (at 1.6%) to remain in service. The standard to be met was said to be 1.4% (or better). Speaking in general terms, any analog meter with an accuracy better than 2% is \\\"doing well\\\". This degree of inaccuracy can be resolved by adjusting the tariff - provided, of course, that all meters are correctly calibrated to a stated standard. No mention was made of the ability (or need) to read a digital meter remotely, although if this was necessary (and done) it would be an advantage to both the provider and supplier. At the time the meter was replaced I was told the change would be \\\"without cost to me\\\". (The second replacement was my expense.) This \\\"without cost\\\" is nonsense, and I am offended at this weasel-talk. The cost my be hidden in the supply figure (risen from about 67c per day to about $1 per day in a time of low inflation) - but the cost WAS PASSED ON. DON\\\'T LIE TO ME! I\\\'m offended when businesses treat me as if I have no capacity to reason. (4) I would like to see (or hear) a specialist explain why my supply aerial (wires/cable) were deemed to need replacing. I would like to have been given a sample of one (1) meter of the supposedly \\\"aged\\\" aerial cable after replacement. I would like to have been shown a maker\\\'s spec on the life of and aerial supply cable. (2) I would like to change the supply system so I used the power I generate (from solar panels) for everyday use BEFORE I export power to the grid at 50% loss to me. In other words I buy electrons from Red Energy at about 0.25c per kwh and I sell electrons to Red Energy at (about) 12c per kWh. Why should I sell the power I generate to a business (and then re-import power at a higher price) than simply using the number of electrons I need (during sunlight hours)? Perhaps I\\\'m wrong on this point, and if this is so, it would be useful to have this knowledge. So - 4/5 for service, because the supply is generally reliable. However the cost of electrons has increased well beyond inflation since privatization, and in my view selling a public monopoly was nonsense. So lose one point for excess (or unwarranted) cost. Charges: 3/5 see above. Complaints: I had no reason to complain - so full 5/5.

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