Signs You’re Paying More Than You Should for Your Energy

Many customers who seek out our comparison services do so because they realise they are being overcharged for energy. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times not so much. How can you tell if you’re paying more than you should for energy? We’ve outlined a few key signs to look out for.

  1. Your Energy Price Changes

Take a bit of extra time to pay attention to your energy bills. A lot of us just pay them without thinking about it, but this can make it trickier to spot of your energy price has changed or not. About once per year, energy prices will change depending on where you are in Australia. Energy retailers will usually try and contact you with a letter that more often than not gets discarded without much attention. If your rates change, whether you remember the notification or not, chances are pretty good you’re paying more than you should be and it might be time for a switch.

2) Your Discount Changes

Remember when you signed on to your chosen retailer’s contract and it included a discount that you just couldn’t refuse? A lot of the time this discount will change or be diminished as the months go on. Sometimes retailers will offer a discount that only lasts a few months or a year, before boosting the price back up to a lesser discounted or full price. This money-making tactic relies on customers not paying attention and works in a lot of cases where customers can’t be bothered making a switch to a new supplier. Switching over doesn’t have to be hard, and if you notice your energy discount has changed over time, filling out a quick online form could mean saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.

3) Your Bill Increases Significantly

We all know that bills tend to increase in the colder months. Those heaters can really spike your costs, but there is a difference between a usage spike and an ‘increased price’ spike. Keep an eye on your bills and if something seems a bit off, it might be because of a price increase. If you’re concerned, have a chat to your energy retailer to see if there have been any changes to your price plan. If it turns out you’re paying more than you should be, consider comparing the market and finding a better deal.

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